A tabletop and role-playing gaming group hosting a World of Warcraft: Classic guild on Hydraxian Waterlords-EU, Alliance.

“May the moon shyne upon you!”

We’re a community of friends who like to play role-playing games — both tabletop (D&D 5e), and computer games! We’ve been around in one form or another since 2006, when our founder Etarna Moonshyne (best known for the WoW roleplaying add-on, MyRolePlay) originally founded <Moonshyne> as a World of Warcraft guild. While we’ve been on hiatus for many years — the guild is back for Classic!

What can you expect from us? A casual and relaxed RP experience you can chill out in. We roleplay — with members of all levels of experience, who are more than happy to show you the ropes and help you enjoy the game and develop your character!

What do we expect from you? Be a nice person; have fun trying to be creative; and enjoy the game, and help others to do the same. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly (if that bothers you, we won’t suit each other).

What does the guild mostly do? We’ll be levelling characters and professions; questing (both in-game quests and maybe some custom ones!); and running dungeons. We may do a raid or two, but we’re not hardcore. And of course we’ll be actively coöperating with other guilds along the way.

Most importantly, we want to bring the world to life a little more, both out in the wilds and in the cities: we were particularly known for our social events bringing characters together, and plan to host events in the Stormwind Park (alongside <Emporium>), the Deeprun Tram aquarium, and other places!

What’s your story?Etarna, sometimes nicknamed ‘Granny Moonshyne’, is an elder, (but on the liberal side) night elf priestess of Elune, well-known for the brewing and distillation of both alchemical concoctions and traditional kaldorei beverages such as moonberry juice, ginger wine, and the eponymous ‘moonshyne’ — a warming herbal tincture of a secret recipe imbued with moonwell water, freeze-distilled to a powerful liqueur over a cold winter’s night.

Rumour has it since the end of the Third War she’s been curious about the other races and the rest of this world, and she and her family and friends, have been branching out and exploring, making a series of interesting business deals — and even more interesting associates…

So how do I become one of them? Join our Discord! — See you there! ♥